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Pinning a channel in Microsoft Teams

Updated: May 2, 2022

Something I hear quite often about Microsoft Teams is that it can be hard to find information as the teams you’re a member of keep on growing. Previous we’ve been able to hide teams we don’t use that often but now a new feature is available and it’s the possibility to pin channels!

Pinning a channel will put it in the top of the teams you’re a member of, making it easy to have your favourite channels in easy reach – let me show you how it looks! But let's start with a before image, all teams in a long list.

No pinned channels

1. Click on the channel you want to pin

2. Click Pin and the channel is pinned 🌟

A pinned channel

Easy right? So, compare before with a lot of teams and clicks to get where you want and after where your favourite channels are easily available in the top:


And to unpin you just click and choose Unpin

My grade?

I love this feature, I have a lot of teams and even more channels and now I can finally have my favourites in the top. To be frank I only use maybe 5% of all my channels frequently so this will limit the clicks.

When can you expect to see this in your Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft will start the rollout now, it should be available in your tenant now or soon!

You should really try this!


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