2th of November - Microsoft Ignite - Table Talk: Optimizing Microsoft Teams for Hybrid Work - Conversations in AltspaceVR Location Online, English 

20th of October - TeamsdagenKeynote: Microsoft Teams nu och i framtiden - experterna spanar Location: Online, Swedish

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August 2nd 2021 - Microsoft Partner Podcast Series Partner Podden Avsnitt 6 Microsoft Teams (listen here) Swedish
May 12th 2021 - Teams Nation - Epic tips and tricks battle (see recording here)  English
May 12th 2021 - Teams Nation - Table Talk: Think global - adopt local: Make Microsoft Teams a home for everybody with team ACM Teams Europe Location: Online, English
May 4th 2021 - Microsoft Business Application SummitTable Talk: Unleash the power of Dataverse for Microsoft Teams! English
May 4th 2021 - Microsoft Business Application SummitTable Talk: To Low or Pro Code? Getting started in the Power Platform English
March 2rd  2021 - Microsoft Ignite - Table Talk: Modern Work for everybodyEnglish
February 27th 2021 - Scottish Summit - Modern Teamwork with Teams as a Platform – why and how with real life demos with Karoliina Kettukari. English 
February 10th 2021 - Commsverse - Collaborating in a Universal Workplace - Collaboration Success Stories panel with Martina Grom, Tom Arbuthnot and Steve Goodman. (see recording hereEnglish 
February 9th 2021 - This week in Teams #OTSTWIT -  Microsoft Teams Meetings Updates & Enhancements with Amanda Sterner (see video here) English  
October 14th 2020 - Teamsdagen Studio Online Swedish
October 14th 2020 - Teamsdagen Studio Online Episkt tips och tricks Microsoft Teams battle (see recording here) Swedish
October 13th 2020 - Azure & MS 365 PT-session podcast Teams Adoption med Amanda Sterner (listen here) Swedish
October 8th 2020 - Teamspodden #28 – Teamsdagen Studio Online (listen here) Swedish
October 7th 2020  - TeamsFest October 2020  - Epic tips and tricks battle (see recording hereEnglish

October 6th 2020  - Microsoft Reactor London  - Teams Series Pt. 4 | Organising and Managing Events and Usergroups  (see recording here)  English

September 30th  2020 Teams Day Online 2 Let's create a no-code chat bot to use in Microsoft Teams English
September 23rd  2020 - Microsoft Ignite - Running Community Events in an Online World English
July 6th 2020 - Commsverse5 tips to convince people using Slack to start using Microsoft Teams English
May 27-28th 2020 - Microsoft 365 Virtual MarathonHow to use Shifts in Microsoft Teams for planning absence (see recording hereEnglish
May 19th 2020 - Stockholm SAFe Meetup​ - Distanssamarbete i praktiken Swedish
April 15th 2020 - Event with Teknikkvinnor - Kom igång med Microsoft Teams (see recording here) Swedish
April 1st 2020 - TeamsFest: Spring Sessions 2020  - Let’s create a no-code chat bot to use in Microsoft Teams (see recording here) English
March 25th 2020 - Event with Teknikkvinnor west - Kom igång med Microsoft Teams Swedish
March 11th 2020 - TeamsdagenTeams Tips & Trix Epic Battle Swedish
October 23th 2019 - Microsoft TechDays - 5 tips to convince people using Slack to start using Microsoft Teams English
October 16th 2019 - Oktoberfest European Teams UG Summit - 5 tips to make you better at Microsoft Teams Teams (see recording here) English
August 29th 2019 - Eurpean Teams User GroupTips and tricks for searching in Microsoft Teams  (see recording here) English
June 17th 2019 - Teamspodden - SharePoint special (listen here) Swedish

June 12th 2019 - Svenska UC klubben träffMicrosoft Whiteboard and Microsoft Teams (see recording here) Swedish


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