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Using Flow to post a message in Slack every time a message is posted in Microsoft Teams

Updated: May 2, 2022

Currently I’m preparing a 60-minute session for Microsoft TechDays about how to convince your Slack users to transition to Microsoft Teams instead. When the session has been held, I’m planning to either write a blog post or film the session, but I’ll see. Until then I just wanted to show you an equally fun, equally annoying Flow that’s available as a template: Post message on Slack and Teams when new channel message is added on Teams.

With this Flow you can make sure a message is sent into Slack every time something is posted in a team in Microsoft Teams. Perfect for getting all of your Slack friend to go over to Microsoft Teams ha-ha.

To add this Flow, follow these steps:

1. Open http://

2. Click Create in the left side navigation, search for Slack

Create a new flow

3. There you will find one called Post message on Slack and Teams when new channel message is added on Teams – click it

Flow template

Log in into the Slack workspace where you want to add the Flow to.

4. I’ve made some smaller modifications to the Flow, let’s have a look.

When a new message is added – I’ve chosen a team and channel in my tenant. It’s this channel where a new message must be added to trigger the Flow.

Post message – Here you will receive the channels you’re a member of in Slack, I’ve picked my TechDays channel. This is also where you add the message that will show, I’ve added a static message.

Settings for the Flow

Under advanced option there are more options, but I think none are necessary except the option to set a bot as the sending user instead of me (cover my tracks…)

Advanced settings

Click save and voila the Flow is ready!

Now what?

Every time anyone, not just you who created the Flow, writes something in the specified channel in Microsoft Teams the Flow will start.

Posting a message in Microsoft Teams...

A couple of minutes later a message will be posted in the specified channel in Slack.

... will result in a message in Slack

This won’t be the thing that will get your Slack users to Microsoft Teams, but it’s a fun nudge in the “right” direction.


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