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The best from both worlds - Office Apps & Services and BizApps combined

Updated: May 2, 2022

Talking about Microsoft and everything in the surrounding ecosystem is something that I really like, but sometimes it's hard since it's a huge area!! Then it's an absolute pleasure to have talented community colleagues to discuss topics outside of your comfort zone 🥰🥰. This is the first of several blog post (I hope 😎) where me and Business Applications MVP Carina Claesson (her blog and Twitter) talk about the magic of combining our worlds 💖.


Amanda and Carina

The Microsoft ecosystem of products is a never ending, constantly evolving story and powerful changes are coming to us whether we want it or not (but of course we want it!). The good thing is that when you collaborate with great people who are willing to share their expertise, we can help each other to keep up with the latest technology and learn together how new technology best is utilized in what situations. 

Next week it is time for Microsoft Ignite and as usual cool demos of upcoming new features and exciting announcements can be expected. With the world being a bit different this year and the acronym WFH (work from home) has been seen almost everywhere, a lot of effort has been put into making Microsoft Teams the obvious collaboration platform. When you have a collaboration platform in place and you want to increase productivity, then you can start to look at Power Apps. There are several sessions during Ignite with Microsoft Teams content as well as Power Apps content. The exciting part? Well, that is when we combine these two. 

Superpowers are great but even better combined. I had a chat with my community friend Carina Claesson about our different areas of expertise and our respectively expectations prior to Ignite this year. Since our worlds are merging more and more why not combine our respectively superpowers and let us start with some advice for sessions not to be missed at Ignite next week! 

  SuperPowers are better together!
SuperPowers are better together!

Background to Project Oakdale and Microsoft Teams <3 Power Apps

This summer Microsoft announced that the Power Apps Studio and Power Virtual Agents (PVA) Portal will be available from within Microsoft Teams and we will get the possibility to store relational data with what has been given the temporarily name Project Oakdale (Common Data Service/CDS “lite”). Not only will we be able to create Power Apps and PVA bots directly from within Microsoft Teams (and these will then live and run within Microsoft Teams), Microsoft has indicated that all of this will be available at no additional cost, how amazing is that!

If you are from the BizApps part of the world, then you are familiar with CDS. Project Oakdale is the “CDS lite” that you will get for free with Microsoft 365. If you are from the Microsoft 365 part of the world, well, then you will be happy to get a relational data storage alternative with which you can create tables and have as a back-end to your Power Apps in Microsoft Teams. There will be sessions during Ignite where Microsoft Teams and Power Apps are combined, as well as Microsoft Teams and PVA and we can expect Project Oakdale to be a bit more demystified. 

Sessions not to miss at Ignite next week!

We had a chat about the upcoming event Ignite, how to plan the days and what sessions we are most excited about. Our most important tip is to pay attention to the key sessions, since big news tend to be announced during keynote sessions. Whatever you do, do not miss the main key session with Satya Nadella Building digital resilience.

“Microsoft Ignite is definitely the highlight of the year, even though I’m sad I can’t be there IRL to meet my friends from around the globe I think it’s a pure luxury that the event is FREE and people previously limited by anything now has the chance to watch. The sessions I look most forward to are of course focused around productivity and modern work, for example Enabling collaboration, communication, and knowledge sharing with Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, Project Cortex, and more and Microsoft Teams Live Q&A with Jeff Teper both with Jeff Teper. Jeff is what us old SharePointies calls the father of SharePoint and I always make sure to watch his sessions! I’m also really looking forward to Jared Spareto and his session on The Future of Work since that’s a topic I find close to my heart”, says Amanda.

Jared Spatero and his session that I´m looking forward to is tagged as a key session (it is a key session with a Microsoft 365 focus). There are also other key sessions e.g. one focusing on Power Platform and one on Dynamics 365. As already mentioned, this year Microsoft Teams and Power Apps will become closer friends, which means if you are from either of these two different worlds then the key session focusing on Power Platform Microsoft Power Platform: Fill the app gap and supercharge organizational agility is something for you. 

“I’m so much looking forward to Microsoft Ignite this year. I’ll pay attention during the key sessions, main and Power Platform at least and impatiently I’ll be waiting for exciting announcements. I might pick up on Amanda’s advice and listen in on Jared Spatero’s too. Charles Lamanna is leading the engineering team for the Low Code Application Platform (LCAP) in the Business Applications Group. He often presents news in a very cool way and makes great demos. Not only is he one of the speakers for the Power Platform key session, Charles will deliver several other sessions and the one I want to highlight a little extra is where mine and Amanda’s worlds come together, Build Power Apps within Microsoft Teams and get to the next level with Azure APIs and the Power Platform. There are more sessions to be excited about within this same subject. Microsoft Teams and PVA come together Build intelligent bots for your employees using Power Virtual Agents and Teams and this sounds a lot like Project Oakdale stuff to me Build custom apps to drive productivity in the remote work world with Power Apps an Teams. One more that I just can’t miss is Julie Strauss and her session Amplify your pro developer skills with Power Platform”, says Carina.

Another exciting new concept for this digital Ignite is table talks and table topics. Since a lot of us go to conferences to discuss different topics with other engaged people, Microsoft wanted to have something similar - a format where you can discuss both in text and with your voice. Be sure to check out all available topics at the Microsoft Tech Community and promise you don’t miss the table talk I´m is one of the hosts for: Running Community Events in an Online World Wednesday 23rd 15.30-16.00 CEST. You can join the conversation now in the Microsoft Tech Community!

We will have a new chat after Ignite and you can expect more combined superpowers as upcoming articles. Enjoy the excitement next week during Ignite!

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