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Testing new features – Praise in Microsoft Teams

Updated: May 2, 2022

During April Microsoft will start to rollout a new function called “Praise”, this is a simple way to give your colleagues that extra praise they deserve 😊.

1. The easiest way to give a colleague a praise is to open the team or chat where “the praised” is and write @praise. Praise will appear as a suggestion, click it. You will also find Praise by clicking in the message area (this is how you can add a praise in mobile)

Image of adding a praise

2. Decide what type of praise to give, from my testing it seems like the only difference between the badges is the images and titles

Image of what types of bagdes are availible in praise

3. If you add a praise in a 1-2-1 chat the name will be prefilled otherwise you can search for people in the chat/team

4. Write a message. When you click preview you will get a last glance before you publish the praise

Settings for a praise

5. The praise works as @ mention to the person you sent it to, so she/he will get a notification in the activity tab as well as in the chat/team tab

6. Happy praising ✨

How a finished praise looks

My grade?

Well I like it and think it’s an easy, fast way to give all my colleagues the praise they deserve!

When can you expect to see this in your Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft will rollout this during April 2019.

This feature can be disabled in the admin center.


// Under april kommer Microsoft att börja rulla ut en funktionen som heter Praise, det är ett enkelt sätt att ge dina kollegor berömmet de förtjänar!

Jag har sett att Microsoft säger Beröm istället för Praise i vissa svenska sammanhang, men när jag har testat i min svenska Microsoft Teams heter det även Praise där med så du kan följa stegen ovanför.

Jag tycker att Praise är ett jätteenkelt sätt att ge uppmärksamhet till hårt arbetande kollegor, tar en sekund för mig att skicka men värmer desto mer - jag ger betyget tummet upp.


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