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Request to add members to a team in Microsoft Teams

Updated: May 2, 2022

This feature was rolled out during April and is a helpful function for busy team owners with eager team members or teams without a specific target audience.

1. To request to add members to a team, clickon the team where you want to add members and click Add member

Request to add a member to a team

2. You can request to add more than one member at the time, you can also add external users as long as they are added as guest in your tenant (read this blog post for deeper knowledge: External users in Microsoft Teams – part 2 – collaborating in a team)

Request to add one or more people

3. When you have added the people you want to add, click Send request

Now you are done!

How will it look for the admin?

1. When a team member has requested to add a new member, you will receive a notification in the activity tab

A new notification for request to add a member

2. When you open the activity tab you will see a notification saying XYZ requested to add XYZ to Team name

How the notification looks for request to add a new member

3. When you click the notification, you will have the option to Accept or Deny. If more than one person has been requested, you can accept/deny all at the same time

Accept or deny requested team members

4. If you open the team settings, you can also see the pending requests

How it looks when there are no pending requests
An example without a pending request, I love the cartoons from Microsoft

5. The person who requested to add a person will not receive a notification when the request is approved, but the newly added member will receive a notification as usual

My grade?

This is a good function for team owner that maybe shouldn’t be owners, or are very

busy and need an extra reminder to add new team members. It is also a great function when it comes to larger teams without a clear target audience (which I think will be more common when Microsoft is upping the max number of members from time to time).

When can you expect to see this in your Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft will rollout this during April 2019. So, it should be available in your tenant now!

I have not found a way to turn this off, but it’s easy for the team owner to decline requested members.



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