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Notifications in Microsoft Teams – part 2

Updated: May 2, 2022

Have you also been in a situation when you are sharing your screen when that Microsoft Teams notifications lingered for an extra long time? Making sure everyone could read what it said?

A notification only meant for you

This week I will explain the basics of notifications on your computer, so you can decide how you want your notifications to work. I you want to read more about notifications I recommend an old post I’ve written that covers when and when not you get a notification.

How do I reach the notification settings?

1. In the client click the icon of your face

2. Click Settings and open Notifications

Notification settings in Microsoft Teams

What are the different areas I get to decide the settings for?

Mentions: How should your notification work when you get mentioned @ either by name, team name or team channel.

Messages: How should your notifications work for different kinds of messages, in a 1:2:1 chat and teams.

Other: How should your notifications works for less common interactions such as team memberships changes, notification sounds and how often you will receive a notification email.

Meetings: If you should get a banner or not when a new Microsoft Teams meeting has started.

Status: If you want to tag a colleague with status change (stalker mode as a colleague of mine called it), here you can add/remove people and receive a notification when their status change.

What are the different settings doing?

There are four main settings, these options are applicable for most of the areas mentioned above.

Banner: This will give you a banner on the desktop that appears overlapping of whatever you are doing (including a presentation). You can avoid banners by setting your Microsoft Teams status to Do not disturb, but it is possible to add people that should be your priority contacts and overrule the do not disturb. You manage these settings under Settings > Privacy. This option will also give you the notification in the activity tab.

How a banner look in Micrsoft Teams

Banner and email: Besides from a banner this setting option will also send an email to really make sure don’t miss anything valuable. This option will also give you the notification in the activity tab.

Only show in feed: This will give you a notification in the Activity tab, if it’s a @ mention there will also be an @ icon at either the chat tab or the team tab.

Show in feed

Off: There is an option to turn the notifications off, you will not receive any notification at all which will make it easy to miss new information.

Other settings: There are two settings that don’t have the same options as the rest – Notifications sounds and Missed activity emails.

  • Notification sounds: Option to decide for what notifications do you want to have sound for

  • Missed activity emails: To receive emails for notifications is one of the settings I explained above, this setting is where you decide how often you want to receive emails. Standard setting is Once every hour which, based on your preference you can change it to more often or less.

How often you should recieve notification email
Options for how often you should recieve notifications emails

Don’t forget to restart Microsoft Teams to make sure the new settings kick in.

I hope this will help you to adjust the settings after your needs 😊, no more lingering banners during meetings (unless you like that!).


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