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Announcements in Microsoft Teams

Updated: May 2, 2022

I’ve waited for some time for this new feature to be available so I can test it, and finally the wait is over 😊.

Announcements will be rolled out during June and is a new post type inside a team channel, suitable for, well… announcements and if you want your post to stand out among other posts.

1. To add an announcement, open the channel where you want to post.

2. Click the format icon

Click the format button

3. In the top left corner, it will say New conversation, this is for a normal post. If you click it a menu will open, and you will see the two choices New conversation and Announcement

Choose between new conversation and announcement

4. Click Announcement

5. The announcement looks similar to a conversation, but it has a bigger headline area

An announcement in Microsoft Teams

6. You can change the background color of the headline area or upload an image. You can also format the messages as usual with e.g. stickers, formatted text and links. The announcements will have an icon showing that it is an announcement in the right corner

An announcement

It is not possible to create an announcement in mobile or in a 1:2:1 chat with one or more people.

My grade?

I like the fact that you can differentiate extra important messages, but I feel it’s a thin line between using it when needed and using it too much. As of now I couldn’t find any ways to control this but maybe this will be a part of roadmap item ID: 51786 that will make it possible to have channel moderators. But as often with new features it’s a matter of training.

When can you expect to see this in your Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft will rollout this during June 2019.

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1 Comment

Mar 10, 2022

My Question Is That A Do Not See Any New Conversation When I Click FORMAT.

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